Tablette Graphique One by Wacom Petite – USB (CTL-472-S)

Wacom Petite CTL-472-S

  • Tablette graphique équipée d’un stylet sensible à la pression
  • Surface active: 152,0 x 95,0 mm
  • Stylet: Intuos Pen LP190K
  • Résolution: 2540 lpi – Niveaux de pression: 2048
  • Taille de la tablette : 210,0 x 146,0 x 8,7 mm – Poids: Tablette: 251g / Stylo: 9g
  • Connectivité : USB
  • Utilisation pour droitier ou gaucher
UGS : CTL-472-S

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Tablette Graphique One by Wacom Petite – USB (CTL-472-S)


  1. Size: The « Petite » in the name suggests that it’s a smaller-sized tablet, which can be more portable and suitable for users with limited desk space.
  2. Connectivity: It connects to your computer via USB, providing a wired connection for data transfer and power.
  3. Pressure Sensitivity: Wacom tablets are known for their pressure-sensitive pens, allowing users to create varying line thickness and shading based on the pressure applied to the pen.
  4. Compatibility: Wacom tablets are usually compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The tablet comes with drivers and software that need to be installed on your computer for optimal functionality.
  5. Pen: The tablet likely comes with a stylus/pen that does not require batteries. It’s generally designed to be lightweight and comfortable for prolonged use.
  6. Software: Some Wacom tablets come with bundled software, such as drawing or graphic design applications. However, the availability of software may vary depending on the region and version.
  7. Use Cases: This tablet is suitable for various tasks, including digital art creation, photo editing, and general graphic design work. It’s often favored by beginners or users who don’t require advanced features found in higher-end Wacom models.

Please note that product details and availability may change over time, so I recommend checking the official Wacom website or contacting Wacom customer support for the most up-to-date information on the One by Wacom Petite tablet. Additionally, customer reviews and online forums can provide insights into the experiences of other users with this particular model.

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